Thursday, July 29, 2010

What happened to all those walls I had. I used to be made of cold hard
cement but now I can't even keep in a few damn tears?

What so if I'm purely happy for awhile all my previous defences just disappear? Maybe I've gotten too used to being transparent.
I thought I was made of tougher stuff than this..
I hate than I'm so effected.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

its pretty cool and flattering that ppl are still reading this blog.

hi to all those ppl =) you make me happy.

I'm currently in one of those places in life where i'd wonder how its possible to be sad. Everything feels right and tho so much feels uncertain my gut instinct tells me i'm right where i'm meant to be.

to do list : blog. *check*

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my gosh i'm so lazy to blog nowadays

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hiking and Camping trip =)

Massive load of pictures. What's stupid is that i damaged my camera before we even took off for the trip. This happened as i was trying to stuff everything into my super mini hiking bag (in comparison). I'm like the compressing queen wei.

Totally didn't pay off when my camera's lcd broke tho ='( You have no clue how 'heart pained' i felt.

anyway. After a one shift at work, rushed home to finish packing then met Brian at the KTM station.

Met up with the others at KL Central then had dinner and got on the night train. Promptly fell asleep due to all that lack of it during work.

yes brian stalks me as i sleep. lol.

we arrived in Kelantan in the morning and met up with our guide who'd take us up.
protect against skin cancer.


Andrew (most probably doing his drill sergeant thing on some poor fella)


during a short break. From the left : Adrian, Ayi (our guide) and Andrew.
I gotta give my future son a name that starts with an 'A' if i want him to turn out lean, mean and fit too o.o

okay this is crazy and u probably wont believe it. The misty thing in this pic is not smoke. Nope. Its the steam evaporating off our bodies from how hot we were. I have no idea why we'd 'steam' but it happened alot la during the climb o.o

haha. nothing horny okay.

Made it up to base camp. Nicole, Lai and Ju hann.

love this pic.

yay i look taller haha.

Adrian and his pot. Lol. He even had a little wooden ladle.

We used the fire!
We had a freaking camp fire. So cool right x)
and yeah all credit for the camp fire goes to andrew.

drill sergeant ;) haha

adrian coming with his pot and wok.
We had our meals on the rocky cliffs with the water falling to our right. An amazing way to eat a terrible meal haha.


night time. chilling in front of our campfire. The fire was freakin hot wei

The next day we woke up at 5.30 to start our climb up to the peak early.
a short break again.

Ayi. Damn nice guy. I grew pretty fond of him. He was really nice and at first he kinda underestimated us but later told us la that we did well and all. And was just really really nice. Told us his near death story when he was trapped by a rope to a rock in the middle of the stream of the waterfall when it started raining and he was suddenly plummeted underwater. The flesh on his leg ripped off completely. damn scary his story.

Told us how he came face to face with a black panther. Like literally face to face.

Me and brian

The pictures all look very chillin and calm and all. But i swear. Hiking is not fun!! Not really. Not when your muscles are burning and you're so freaking tired yet you just dont wanna stop.

okay actually the hiking up for me was okay. It was the hiking down that was difficult o.o Though the others just freaking ran down. How the hell they did that without dying eludes me. Cuz sometimes its not even steep its a freaking cliff of roots.

At one point we have to walk over a wooden log to pass over the water below like in movies all. haha. Adrenalin rush like mad! At another part in the hiking i had to actually rock climb without harness. o.o yeah so it was a really short bit of rock climbing but i felt so cool okay x) looking for all the natural nooks and stuff. Yet another part we climbed up slippery hard rock with a metal chain INSIDE and through a cave thing. Was super indiana jones x)

There was one part where we walked on this log covered completely by green moss. It was such an Avatar moment for me.. o.o

Other parts we actually need ropes to help us get up cuz its that steep. Its so easy to trip with all the roots grabbing at your feet so you really have to watch your footing. I was so thankful for my cap cuz even with it on my hair kept getting caught in branches. dam annoying.

We saw massive bear marks on a tree. Saw elephant tracks too. But sadly the most interesting animal we saw was a large centipede =.= lol

No pics during the climb. Nobody in the mood i swear the exertion is crazy. But this is coming from unfit, fatty me. Andrew and adrian were cool like ice. I dont think they even broke a sweat. Machines!

made it to Gunung Baha's peak =))

candid shot.

our very sad, mashed pasta of a lunch. It didn't taste THAT bad.. prego sauce is prego sauce at whatever altitude i guess. Just the texture was pretty sick.

we made great time apparently. So we continued on to a second mountain =))

Made it too.

Gunung Ayam! Our second peak in like.. i dunno 4 hours maybe? cant remember. I think it was a pretty awesome time. I wouldn't know tho haha.

Me eating my victory sneaker bar. Saved for the peak =)

chocolate never tasted that good.

He didn't actually break that...

Once more. the machines just chilling and looking cool.

climbed halfway down and took a break at yet another stretch of the never ending waterfall.

so we came down. Took our showers in the waterfall this time. Haha had fun scrubbing our feet on the rocks. lol.

i had no idea i was being photographed. lol. But i like this pic.
I could live up there. Just daydreaming away my life on that rocky ledge. The sky was pretty and blue. With birds and butterflies just flying around. The wind just perfect. The sound of the waterfall....

and guess what weird song played through my head. You'd never guess.

brian came and joined me =)

me and my pet chicken. =.=

dinner on the second night was SO DAMN GOOD.
Seriously good food that meat that sits on the shelf for months o.o And mushroom soup plus adrian's sweet corn and soft fluffy white rice and mackerel. yummm.

tried lying in Andrew's super awesome hammock. comfortable like nuts!! After my first night of lying on lumps of dirt that i can feel right through the yoga mat and sleeping bag, hijacking his hammock seemed like a great idea...

we had chivas on the rocks (literally) that night. Ju-Hann brought it up in a spritzer bottle. haha.

Brian's a genius for taking the pics of the stars... The moon that night was crazy bright. Like we didn't even need our lights kinda bright. Full moon =)

the next day

back to the waterfall.
this time i came prepared... with a rope as a belt to keep my pants on.
bad bad story from the first day at the waterfall. *mysteriousness*

i think this is a super cool pic.

the underwater manhole. lol.
fun like mad!! x) When they yank me out so hard i suddenly fly out of the water like a torpedo.

standing under the waterfall. We can lie back onto the stone and the water would shoot right in front of our faces so we're just behind the waterfall.

there. Me sticking my hands and legs out from behind the water =)

the coolest group shot in the world =)

climbed higher than we thought we could
right to the top of the waterfall... where it starts with a small pool.

The water there is freezing cold. Its so cold that when you emerge, your whole body feels minty cold. No joke. My body was tingling with the mint-ness of it. o.o
Then the water is so clean. Its crystal clear and we drink it just like that. No purifier.

Was loads of fun this trip... Many experiences i'd never have gotten anywhere else...

Like this time where we all took turns to sit on this single rock ledge protruding from the middle of the waterfall, where we could see a rainbow around us. Circling our body like a multicolored halo. With the water spraying in front of our eyes, and each droplet capturing a million tiny rainbows.

It was awesome... in the sense that it just puts you in awe.
I felt like... 'wau.. i never knew nature could be so beautiful...' it really left me speechless and all i could think of was God and how i felt so connected to nature.

and to think there were still assholes littering at base camp and around the lower track... it was damn annoying.

The beauty of everything there is so unexplainable and indescribable that i'm gonna stop trying. I really wanna go back one day. Just to chill and sit there quietly. I loved everything about the beauty of nature...

Oooh! i almost forgot. Another super experience. I was thinking i'd do the youth camp thing and hold in my crap for four days straight. But for some reason i couldn't so on my last day at base camp, i had to dig a hole! i didn't wanna use their 'toilet' thing. Simply cuz i bet it would have been disgusting and also cuz i wanted to do my business that way for once in my life. haha.

It was NOT EASY digging that hole....i wont paint you a picture okay? =) save you the trauma of imagining this pretty sweet girl taking a dump behind a bush. hahaha.

anyway. Climbed back down, took a shower at the base of the waterfall (tried not to think of all the toothpaste, leftover food crap, soap, ppl's piss and god knows what that has finally accumulated there) and then went down to make the 8.15 train. Which didn't come til 3.30 in the morning cuz the train derailed =.=

Another sad thing is that somehow, during the climb my phone's screen went kaput too. sigh... this trip which was supposed to cost less that 190, ended up costing me a bomb.. =( my poor camera.. sigh.

Missed breakfast and lunch completely when on the train. So had a massive KFC meal at kl central with brian after the others left.

the final picture of the trip.

it was an amazing experience.